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Fundi Mjanja is Kenyan portal where clients and material suppliers in the construction industry meet in an environment devoid of mistrust for the common good of all. Our Smart Targeting technology allows us to connect thousands of genuine clients with suppliers every day

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Features from the future


Convineiently access construction material from a hardware near you or register a hardware from the comfort of your own phone anywhere.


Through our escrow function your funds are secure with us until the predetermined contract agreement with the suppliers are met.

Large catalogue

With a wide array of suppliers and an even wider array of supplies this is your one stop shop for everything construction.

Ease of use

The application is built with user experience in mind usin it is therefore as easy as abc not to mention the in app tutorials that come with it.


Works everywhere in Kenya

A huge chasm currently exists between the clients, building Professionals, material suppliers and the tradesmen commonly referred to as Fundi’s. The professionals are (typically) only engaged to work on the upmarket apartment developments in Riverside, Windsor, Kilimani, Karen and the like. They (normally) work in construction projects financed by the corporate sector, the government or donors. You will hardly ever see an architect or an engineer setting up the humble abode in Kamulu, Ruai or Githurai yet this is where the masses reside. 
We offer a solution to that by ensuringyou can get these resources anytime anywhere.


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