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About us information

Fundi Mjanja is Kenyan portal where clients and material suppliers in the construction industry meet in an environment devoid of mistrust for the common good of all.
A huge chasm currently exists between the clients, building Professionals, material suppliers and the tradesmen commonly referred to as Fundi’s. The professionals are (typically) only engaged to work on the upmarket apartment developments in Riverside, Windsor, Kilimani, Karen and the like. They (normally) work in construction projects financed by the corporate sector, the government or donors. You will hardly ever see an architect or an engineer setting up the humble abode in Kamulu, Ruai or Githurai yet this is where the masses reside.
Nature abhors a vacuum and this lack of professionals is quickly filled up by swindler contractors who double up as architects, material suppliers, tradesmen and real estate agents. They hurriedly put structures that are eyesores, unsafe and over budget. They are motivated by quick profits and will only follow building codes when they are demanding payments.
It is this gap that seeks to bridge.