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1) Go to the URL www.fundi mjanja .com & click on Supplier/hardware TAB

2) Print out or write down the “FUNDI HANDBOOK (10 STEPS TO BECOMING A SUPPLIER)”

3) Ask the supplier/hardware to use their phones click on the “Learn More” tab located next to Supplier/Hardware tab. It contains the advantages of listing as a supplier on our website

4) Ask the supplier/hardware to use their phones & follow the 10 steps to registering their business & products

5) Confirm that the telephone number given by supplier is valid & working by dialing it.

6) Confirm that the photo/logo submitted is clear

7) After successful submission, request for the supplier for the full M-pesa message. Copy paste it & send to Remember to include your M-pesa registered phone number in the email. The subject of the email should be “Request for payment for XXXX on date YYYY” (XXXX denotes the agent’s full name & YYYY is the date of the request.)

8) The email for payment request should be sent to not more than 7 days after recruitment of the supplier/s otherwise it will be time barred & will not be paid

9) After verification we will pay 100/= per successful hardware/supplier recruited.

10) You can register as many hardware’s & suppliers in as many locations as possible. An agent can request for payment for as many hardware/suppliers in one email as possible.