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1) Go to the URL

2) On the on the Product Category TAB select the product you require from the drop down list. For example you can choose “Cement” as your product category.

3) Next, on the Product Description TAB select the particular brand of the product you require. For example you can choose “Bamburi” as the type of cement that you want.

4) Next on the location TABS choose the County, Town, Center, Area of the construction site where you want the building materials delivered.

5) Next click on the Search button. Search results of the suppliers listed in your area will be displayed complete with contacts.

6) You can then contact the supplier/s and they will give you prices of the item/s you require. They will also advise you on alternatives that are available as well as the prices.

7) It is advisable to compare several suppliers and negotiate the best deal possible inclusive of transport to your site. Remember that the suppliers are listed per geographical location and only for specific products therefore, the customer needs to repeat the steps above in order to get other materials or suppliers in different towns and centers.

8) After getting a supplier/s and negotiating the prices, a customer can now opt to go to the hardware, pay and pick up the goods for himself. This is a safe for both the customer & the supplier but time consuming for the customer.

9) If the supplier is agreeable the customer can pay for the goods on delivery. This is safe for the customer but risky for the supplier.

10) A customer can also opt to use our Escrow account service. This means that will ensure delivery of the goods to site. This protects both the customer and the supplier as they are both guaranteed by This method saves time for the customer, guarantees 100% of the purchase price to the customer and ensures payment to the supplier.


1) Do not send money to any supplier before verification or delivery of the materials to site. will not be responsible for any losses incurred by a customer who opts to send cash to a supplier listed on our site before verifying and having safe custody of the goods.

2) Please verify product quality and quantity before entering into any commitment with a supplier. The best way to do this is to pay for the goods on delivery.

3) The Escrow account service on the website guarantees the customer from losses during purchase and delivery of the materials. Under the Escrow account service will ensure that payment will only be made to the supplier after the customer has confirmed delivery of the materials.*

*Payment will be made to the suppliers within 4 hours of delivery if we are unable to reach the client or the contact person on site. It is therefore the client’s responsibility to ensure at least one person is reachable at all times during the delivery period.