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1) Our website allows you as the supplier/hardware to reach a much wider market through the internet and thus increase sales.

2) Our website allows you to interact directly with customers who are in the Kenyan diaspora many of whom have construction projects back home and are in need of reliable suppliers like you.

3) Thousands of people visit our website everyday looking for construction materials. These are your potential customers.

4) Potential customers will call and negotiate with you directly with no agents or middle men between you. Your business contacts will be visible to all.

5) Customers pay directly to you with no commissions or fees charged by the website. This service is free to the supplier & no charges or commissions are charged.

6) Customers can also opt to use the escrow service on the website. The supplier/hardware is in this way protected & guaranteed by Fundi Mjanja of receiving payment for any deliveries made to the customer. This service is free to the supplier & no charges or commissions are charged.

7) The registration fee of KES 200/= is paid once via Mpesa Till No. 160494 and allows the supplier/hardware to list up to 20 items in stock for an indefinite period of time. (At least 12 months)

8) The KES 200/= paid by each supplier allows to engage hundreds of Kenyan youth in the gainful income generating project of curating hardware’s country wide. This is in all the 47 counties of Kenya.