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1) Go to the URL

2) Click on the Escrow TAB.

3) Click on the 'sign in' Tab & sign in using your existing Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook or Twitter Account

4) Enter the Supplier Code of the supplier that you want you to engage to supply the building materials.

5) After inserting the supplier code, details like supplier name & location will appear. Confirm that the details are correct and click continue.

6) Insert the items that you are purchasing from the provided drop down list.

7) Insert the quantities you need and the agreed price in the provided columns.

8) Insert the location of the delivery point (your site location) from the drop down menu.

9) Insert the transport charge as agreed with the supplier.

10) Insert the name & telephone number of the contact person on site who will verify & receive the goods.

11) The Total price to pay via our payment options will then be shown as the grand total.

12) Verify that all details are OK and click submit.

13) After successful submission you will receive an invoice via email. Use any of the payment options to make payment.

14) After receiving payment Fundi Mjanja will ensure that that the goods are delivered to site in full, in good condition and in good time

15) We will keep track of the delivery advice the client on any delays to the delivery.

16) In case of a supplier been unable to deliver, we will source the goods from other suppliers and advise the client on the same.

17) Fundi Mjanja will also ensure that confirmation is received from the client before releasing payment to the suppliers*

18) In case of been unable to match the price the initial price as occasioned by using a different supplier, Fundi Mjanja will advise the client and seek approval before engaging a new supplier. All such new agreements will be entered in the Escrow account format in the website and all savings made will be credited to the client.